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I know why you’re here! You’re feeling tired, lethargic, drained and maybe even a little unmotivated about the “rut” you’re feeling. Maybe your pants are feeling snug, maybe your skin isn’t as radiant as it was before having babies or maybe you haven’t exercised a day in your life and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry – cause we have all been there – being a mom is one of the hardest jobs you’ll face and it isn’t your fault for feeling this way. So! Let’s work together and ignite your passion to reclaiming your energy and discovering your best self yet!  Together we will embark on a journey and kick-start your awesomeness into becoming a fit-mom you never could imagine was possible. We’ll use effective workouts and nutrition plans to slim down, sculpt and transform your body from the inside-out.  This I have personally designed programs for those who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, and those who have given birth and are looking forward to being their best-self yet! After all, isn’t that what we all deserve? Heck yes!

Did you know that I competed in my first ever fitness competition and ranked 2nd overall just MONTHS after having my 2nd baby? With the right meal and fitness plan – anything is possible! Anyone of the programs you choose are designed to help you to lose weight, increase energy and strength to become more confident, sexy and positively-radiant! Join the thousands of women around the world training and eating with me to feel confident and strong today!

My clients have been featured as before and after success stories in hundreds of publications including Cosmopolitan, Shape and Oxygen. I was one of the first boot-camp pioneers who generated sold-out classes across North America with over 50,000 members! Acting as a leading Nutritionist to celebrities and pro-athlete clients of some of the hottest fitness clubs, including the illustrious Equinox Club in South Beach and NYC; but also as a teacher by offering my Nutri-School curriculum to fellow trainers and nutritionists.  Through my desire to inspire others and take control of their health, I have created numerous online programs and ebooks and a noted faculty member with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight and feel like the sexy goddess you are, conquer a nagging health problem for good, rebalance your mind and spirit — or all of the above; I will guide you on a journey to perfect health that’s right for you.

So where did this passion for health, love, and life come from? Like many, my story begins when after years of struggling with personal challenges I found myself overweight (80lbs to be exact), depressed, lethargic, and unable to recognize the woman I had become. Determined to unleash the extraordinary woman I knew still existed inside me, I made the decision to change my life and embrace the future I knew I deserved. And I wasn’t going to do it alone. My desire for change became contagious, and now I want you to catch the bug!

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From intimate one-on-one coaching, to E-books and online challenges, to ultimate pregnancy, post pregnancy and fitness programs – I am here to help kick start your way to real and lasting results.

It’s never too late to take control and achieve the joyful, abundant, and sexy life you deserve. Let’s start your journey to perfect health together, and let’s start today!

My site is constantly changing – so please visit often, ask questions, leave comments, and get empowered!

Your partner in change,